Choice of adhesive is crucial


Advanced technical adhesives can efficiently bring together a variety of materials or reinforce materials. They need to be adjusted to different grounds and to remain active under the most demanding conditions. The choice of the adhesive is furthermore crucial to conduct your production processes at a high speed.


Weldable products for various applications


Vetex offers you a wide range of weldable products for various applications. Vetex uses several techniques within this unit: thermal welding, high-frequency welding and ultrasonic welding; in addition, use is made of various chemical components (polyamide, polyester, polyurethane and PVC).


Some examples of concrete applications are:


  • Squeezy: a weldable fabric used for reusable piping bags. Within this scope we make use of a specific PU for food contact.
  • Conveyor belts: weldable foils in PU, PVC and PES are used to weld a conveyor belt together.
  • Fastfix & thermofix: special thermal weldable fabrics for e.g. orthopedic applications.
  • Autofix: is used to make textile materials self-adhesive, if necessary even washable.