Shoes are important


Shoes are perhaps the most important part of your outdoor sports gear or work gear.  Nothing is more annoying than a pair of shoes which is not waterproof or does not provide sufficient protection against the cold. People who have to work in all weathers soon experience the problems of water. Wet feet are more prone to blisters and get cold quickly. Water furthermore increases the weight of the shoes significantly.


Protect your feet


Vetex offers solutions to protect your feet in the right manner. The Vetex tapes ensure that walking and working shoes breathe, are durably waterproof and feel comfortable. The elastic, high-quality tape is taped on the waterproof and breathable inner lining. All seams are completely sealed in this manner. As a result, water and dirt no longer cause nuisance.


Tapes for waterproof shoes:

  • Waterproof
  • Light weight
  • Elastic
  • Invisible