Comfort in any weather type


Travellers and outdoor sportsmen face a variety of weather conditions. They want to dress as comfortably as possible both in warm and in cold temperatures. Preference is given to light clothing that is not overly voluminous. Modern outdoor sports clothing therefore needs to meet many requirements: light, compact, dry quickly, durable, moisture regulating or breathable, waterproof,…

Vetex offers several solutions to optimally protect clothing against the forces of nature. Vetex tapes consist of a composite coating of waterproof and weldable materials. They are waterproof, supple and elastic.



Storm flaps & tunnel tapes


Wet and cold employees endanger their own health and the health of their colleagues. Thanks to continuous innovation, Vetex offers solutions to simplify the production of waterproof work wear and leisure wear.   In this manner, Vetex helps you to increase the well-being, health and safety of the people wearing your clothes. The Vetex tunnel tapes and storm flaps enable you to waterproof drawstrings and fasteners and to simplify your production process.