Important information carriers


Labels are important information carriers: they often contain necessary details. It is therefore important that they remain fixed to their carrier at all times and visible at all times. Vetex labels can easily been integrated in your production process.  They ensure an optimal printing quality and can easily be attached using a heat press.


Vetex offers you the following labels:


  • labels for serigraph printing;
  • labels for thermal transfer printing;
  • labels for digital printing.


In addition, most have a thermal glue coating at the back so that they can be stuck instead of stitched to the piece of clothing: 


  • iron-on labels;
  • labels that can be mangled;
  • labels with a lower melting point – for temperature-sensitive fabrics.

Our range of products also includes special elastic labels (on paper carrier) as well as flame-retardant labels (for fire jackets).


Permanently legible


The Vetex labels are the result of continuous efforts in the field of research, development and innovation. Vetex is continuously looking for sustainable solutions. The labels are patchable and can be printed perfectly. In addition, they are industrial washing resistant (washing resistant from 60 °C to 95 °C). Contrary to other labels, the barcodes on Vetex labels remain perfectly visible. As a result, they can be used for numerous applications: their data remain visible and consultable.