Vetex ranks among the winners at Techtextil in Frankfurt

This ground-breaking development offers an initial answer to the DMF problem. The industry has been feverishly seeking an ecologically-friendly solution to replace DMF (dimethyl formamide) as a solvent in PU coatings for quite some time; a quest that has been far from easy and an enormous challenge. Thanks to a high degree of perseverance in research and development, Vetex succeeded in achieving a break-through. The new technology consists of bringing together the two basic components that respond virtually instantly to the forming of PU. Besides not requiring a solvent, this technology is also not water-based. The international jury was impressed by the creativity and ingenuity demonstrated by this development.


Photo: from left to right: Geert Vermunicht, Director of Innovation – Patrick Rigole, CEO – Jurgen Mispelon, R&D Manager



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