Vetex assists in the development of reusable medical laminates

Under the name of MERLIN (MEdical Reusable Laminates Against Infections), Vetex and Centexbel have cooperated on the development of innovative, reusable surgical gowns. The project was a real challenge as attention had to be paid to comfort, water vapour permeability, the viral, blood and bacterial barrier and the fact that the gowns needed to be resistant to industrial washing and sterilisation.

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Vetex proudly announces the birth of first product team seam seal tapes

One of the most important decisions of the new strategy of Vetex is breaking down the current organization and gradually replacing it by a brand new structure based on highly independent product teams. The birth of the first product team SEAM SEAL TAPE was proudly announced in august 2012 by its Product Team Leader (PTL) Henk Descamps.

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New test equipment for Vetex

As of January 2013 a Wellington Boot tester is available at Vetex physical lab. The machine is used to test water resistant footwear. Vetex Quality Control (QC) department uses the test equipment to perform a visual inspection of  leakproofness of all the sealed seams, taped with Vetex shoe tape.

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