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We collect data about any visitors to this website. This information is managed by our company. Our general policy on the processing of personal data can be found on our Website.
We collect the following when you visit our website:
- your domain name (IP address) when you visit our web pages;
- your e-mail address when you ask questions on this website;
- your e-mail address if you share this with us;
- all information about the pages that you have consulted on our site;
- all information you have provided voluntarily.
This information is used:
- to improve our website;
- to contact you for commercial purposes.
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Our website and our online services may only be used for strictly legitimate purposes. The following, among other things, is prohibited:
- any use that threatens the integrity of the network or the computer system (such as the   transmission of worms, viruses and other criminal codes);
- anything that may impair the proper provisions of our services or jeopardise the use or capacity of the performance for the other users;
- any use that may damage our reputation;
- any commercial use of our data and databases, and any use that does not correspond to their application.
Any violation of the security of the servers or of our network is prohibited and will result in civil or criminal prosecution.
We try to keep our services accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day as much as possible. However, the access to services may be interrupted for technical reasons such as maintenance or for other reasons. These technical malfunctions do not give rise to any compensation.
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